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How to take care of your vinyl banner!

How long do banners last for?

Banner lifespan and longevity is determined by its use.

All banners are not created equally and have different lifespans depending on installation, location, maintenance, and care.

Typically, most outdoor printed banners last for about 3 to 5 years.  No outside vinyl banner is meant to be permanent.

There are two factors that determine how long an outside banner lasts is proper installation and where the banner is hung. Banners that are not hung well can run into problems that could compromise their intended life span.

Example 1: A banner is hung outdoors between two poles by only the corner grommets and have been up for 5 days without a hitch. Then on day six, which happened to be an extraordinarily windy day, you come out to see your banner flapping in the wind like a flag because some of the corner grommets have ripped out. Now this is not a banner lifespan issue, but an improper installation problem. An outdoor banner is durable enough to stand normal wind conditions...but only if installed properly.

Example 2: Say your banner is used for yearly functions, sales, events, etc. and needs to be stored periodically. A maintenance and care issue may arise, in the form or creases or cracks on your banner, which affect its visual attractiveness and longevity. A lot of people automatically want to fold a banner for storage.... WRONG! Banners that are to be stored need ROLLED-UP if you want them to last. When a banner is folded it creates creases in the vinyl banner material which can lead to digital print cracking. So essentially a banner that should have lasted 5 years, if stored improperly, might only last a year or two before it becomes an eyesore.

How you take care of your banner and care for your banner can directly affect it's lifespan. So be kind to your advertising investment and make sure you get the most out of your banner purchase!

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