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Printing Advice for those looking to purchase a printing project.

  1.  When choosing a printer: remember not all printers are the same. Some online printers will just print what you send to them and not check and/or care the quality of the design.

  2. Sending a photo of your logo and expect it to be used for a printing project will not be accepted.  Your original logo will have to be emailed or upload to achieve a quality print. If you don't have the original or a quality image (at least 300dpi), we will have to try and recreate the logo to provide a quality print project.

  3. Make sure when choosing a printing company that they use high resolution printing of at least 300dpi.  We print products starting at 720dpi to 1200dpi. 

  4. Do not - DO NOT prepay for any order before design proof has been sent to you. 

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